Who We Support

The National Wounded Warrior Center will empower service members and veterans to reach for fulfilling civilian lives through health, wellness, and education.

We use wounded warriors as a generic term meaning all wounded, ill or injured servicemen or women. Unlike many organizations, the NWWC program and existing programs for wounded warriors with DSES are all-inclusive, accommodating active duty and veteran wounded warriors - any age, from any branch of service, with any illness or injury, combat-related or not. Caretakers and family members will also be eligible to stay at the NWWC.

The crucial need:

  • 4,000,000 veterans receive VA disability benefits
  • Military Post-Traumatic Stress affects more than 2,800,000 Veterans and their family members
  • 40,000 veterans were homeless in 2017, 11,500 in California
  • Many veterans simply don’t have access to effective post-VA follow-up programs