Larry D. Nicholson

(Retired) Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, U.S.M.C

You can’t put a price tag on an opportunity to come to a place as soothing as Mammoth for these Wounded Warriors – to feel like they’re not alone, that they’re not forgotten. It’s a chance to fundamentally save or change a person for the rest of their life.

Willard A. Buhl

(Retired) USMC

I have been up to Mammoth and watched Kathy Copeland and her incredible team firsthand. The work they do for our wounded, ill and injured Marines is amazing, and gives recovering Marines and sailors self-esteem and self-confidence like few things I have seen.

Brock Bigej

Wounded Warrior Participant

The whole experience with all of Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra was really a huge confidence boost for me. I left with high self-esteem and motivation to strive for more.


Wounded Warrior Participant

I felt some peace of mind here within myself, which I haven’t had in more than five years since returning from Iraq.

Ryan Sykes


All the challenges in my life are dwarfed by the majestic mountains. My body can go to work while my soul can relax.

Luke Pierce


The DSES Programs are great for Wounded Warriors. The staff, volunteers, and townspeople are an amazing group of people who showed me love and care when I really needed it. My only regret is that the amount of time that a WW can spend in Mammoth is very limited. With the NWWC more WW’s can be served for longer times to help ensure successful recoveries. My dream is to spend a semester of my education at Cerro Coso College and the NWWC.

Steve Garcia


Participating as a supporter of the Wounded Warrior program at Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra allows our family to say a simple thank you. Our efforts will never be able to equal the sacrifice of these heroes, but in some small way we hope they feel our deep and earnest appreciation for their service. 

Rusty Gregory

CEO, Alterra Mountain Company

I’ve personally watched the growth of Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra’s programs for Wounded Warriors and veterans with disabilities at Mammoth Mountain. The staff and volunteers have a unique dedication and are highly skilled in their work with our nation’s active and retired service members. Their impact in healing minds and hearts, building confidence through adaptive sports training and outdoor activities, and restoring the drive to succeed is huge and immeasurable. I’m proud to support this exceptional organization and their National Wounded Warrior Center campaign.