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The National Wounded Warrior Center will empower servicemembers and veterans to reach for fulfilling civilian lives through health, wellness, and education.

Our Mammoth Lakes Program Will Change, and Save, Lives

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What Our Supporters Have To Say...

"You can’t put a price tag on an opportunity to come to a place as soothing as Mammoth for these Wounded Warriors - to feel like they’re not alone, that they’re not forgotten. It’s a chance to fundamentally save or change a person for the rest of their life."

Larry D. Nicholson, (Retired) Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, U.S.M.C

"The whole experience with all of Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra was really a huge confidence boost for me. I left with high self-esteem and motivation to strive for more."

Wounded Warrior, Cpl Brock Bigej

"I have been up to Mammoth and watched Kathy Copeland and her incredible team firsthand. The work they do for our wounded, ill and injured Marines is amazing, and gives recovering Marines and sailors self-esteem and self-confidence like few things I have seen."

Col.Willard A. Buhl USMC

"I felt some peace of mind here within myself, which I haven’t had in more than five years since returning from Iraq."

Wounded Warrior, Jordan

"Participating as a supporter of the Wounded Warrior program at Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra allows our family to say a simple thank you. Our efforts will never be able to equal the sacrifice of these heroes, but in some small way we hope they feel our deep and earnest appreciation for their service."

Donor, Steve Garcia

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Turn your inspiration into action. Here’s how you can get involved helping military athletes and veterans in Mammoth Lakes:

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Share our story with friends and ask them to pass it on. Our work is especially meaningful to the families of veterans.

“Service members tell me the hardest part of being in the military is getting out. Our wounded, ill and injured heroes need our support! Thank you in advance for making a difference and supporting our Wounded Warriors as quickly as possible!”

Kathy Copeland, Executive Director, Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra

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The Stunning Sierra

Mammoth Lakes is located on the eastern side of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s plentiful snow, sunshine and serenity make it an ideal location to learn, heal, and thrive.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi